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Thank you for choosing to participate in our Winter Rec League! We are very excited to start on Sunday, February 4, 2023!  All registered players have been assigned to a team.  Please see the information below for details.


There will be no spectator fees to watch the games during the regular season.  However during the playoff weeks, a nominal admission fee will be charged. All proceeds collected will be donated to the sports program at the youth club. Your contribution will go a long way in supporting the program and the youth who benefit from it. Thank you for your generosity in advance!


Jon Robles -

Jed Madayag -

Andy Donohue -

Chad Means -

Darren Reyes -

Derrick Bonilla -

Devon Ritch-

Donny Davis -

Duvon Wright -

Eddie D'Andria -

Jaelon Robles -

Kymani Ladi -

Michael Delacruz  -

Mike Reyes -

Nettie Asiasi -

Ocang Gani -

NJ Gray -

Paul Ratner -

Randall Renn -

Reyes Hernandez -


This league is for the kids to be able to learn the game of basketball in a fun and competitive environment.


All spectators/Fans are expected to follow these rules:

1. Keep all comments positive (Zero Tolerance)

2. Encourage & cheer for players on both teams

3. No derogatory comments, taunting or using foul language

4. Respect all game officials, coaches, players and other spectators

All practices and games will be on Sundays only.


Example: If your team is scheduled for 8:00am on Sunday. Your team will practice from 8:00 to 8:30am.  Immediately following your practice will be a game from 8:30am to 9:10am.

If your player would like to get in additional practice time during the week, we have our Basketball Skills Clinic in the gym on Tuesday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm starting on November 15, 2022.


The gym is also open Mondays through Fridays starting at 2:00pm to 6:00pm for open gym if the kids would like to shoot around or play in some pick up games. 



    o All players must play


    o 8 minute quarters

    o Mandatory substitutions at the first dead ball after the 4 minute mark in all quarters (except the 4th quarter)


        o Tiny/Lil Ballers Division - No press.  Advise players to defend within the 3 point line.

       o Lil Ballers Division - No press until the last 4 minutes of the game.   

       o Jr. Ballers - No Press until the the 4th quarter. 

      o Ballers Division - No Press in the first half.

       o Big Ballers Division - Press is allowed the entire game.

* Coaches etiquette - If up by double digits, its recommended to not press.  Keep the games fun and competitive for both teams and all players.

      o 10 second back court violation in effect.


    o  7 Team Fouls = 1 and 1; 10 Team Fouls = 2 shots

    o  No player disqualification after 5 personal fouls

    o  Technical fouls result in (2) shots and the ball


    o  Players can enter the lane when the ball is released.


    In the case of a tie, the following format will be used:

    1. Head to Head

    2. Point differential (if three or more teams have a tie record) with a maximum of 15 points

    3. Points allowed 

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